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With Axle & Spindle Repair Southeast's innovative spindle replacement process and our patented AxleMasterâ„¢ portable lathe used for spindle repairs, most axles can be fixed on the job site or in your shop at a fraction of the cost of a rear end housing replacement. No downtime taking the rear end housing out. We do the complete repair on the job site, so you can get back on schedule as fast as possible. No need to have your axle shipped, we come to you! We can fix all types of axles; from truck and trailer spindles, Mack "Press-in" spindles, planetary axle components, forklifts ,"Bobcats," buses, virtually anything with a full-floating axle. Typical repair jobs are completed in three to five hours with our mobile service, saving you money and time by performing the work on the job site, or in the convenience of your shop. With our mobile unit, we offer convenient services performed by experienced mechanics. With our patented AxleMasterâ„¢, thousands of repairs have been completed over a 35 year period without a single failure.

Replacement spindles are CNC machined to factory specifications. Our spindles are machined to fit your housing right on site. Our one-piece spindles use no shims and are not butt welded.

Axles or spindles that cannot be replaced are repaired. Ends can be welded and re-machined. We utilize an innovative process of weld buildup and re-machining the spindle to the original tolerances and specifications. Bearing journals, seal areas, and threads can all be repaired. No disassembly or expensive housing replacement cost.


Our portable lathe can repair spindles, or any other shaft accessible to the machine, up to 4.5 inches in diameter, and 15 inches of depth.

Portable Stick, Mig, and Tig welding available including aluminum.


Portable Line Boring up to 10 inch diameter.


We also offer on-site light machining, including turning and milling


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